Blynk disconnects every 6 hours roughly

Update. I completely rewired it, ensuring i kept any signal cables as far away from any high voltage. Remade some connections and had a general tidy up anddddddd it works :). I have ran it for around 12 hours now and so far i havnt had a single temperature reading fail.

Now i need to figure out how to resume light dimming if i had gone into manual mode and back into auto mode. Also why when dimming down to 0, it dos it 1 hour faster than when it brightens up from 0.

Cheers Adam.

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Just a update, temperature is sorted. One thing I did discovery was a bad Ethernet cable which I think was giving me the odd disconnects. One strange thing though is the white leds reach 0 way before they should but the blues work fine. I can’t get my head round it. Code remains the same as posted above. Also @PeteKnight I got some of those suppresors. Dos it matter which way round I hook it up with the common and switched terminals? as one leg is indicated.

Many thanks

If you’re switching an AC load then the normal way to do it is to put the suppressor across the switched live contact of the relay and the neutral feed.
In effect, the suppressor is going across the live and neutral supply to the load that’s being switched, but the suppressor should be as close as practical to the relay contacts.

With AC loads the polarisation of the suppressor doesn’t matter.


Excellent thank you very much, I’ll get those fitted later today and see what happens :D. Still can’t get my head round why my led dimming is a little off :/.

Today, for some reason, the lights went off at 19:30 instead of 21:30 that it was set to. 18:30 on the clock and slider set to 180 for 3 hour dimming.

It appears to be becoming more random.


Found out for some strange reason, the dimming dosnt always start at the same time. Any clues to this? As my t5s don’t do this :confused: