Blynk data files

I have some questions about exporting data to CSV. I am using a private server running a number of projects which log data. Server is 0.35.3-java8 on Raspberry Pi.

When I download data I am unable to get more than few weeks of data. For example today I tried exporting and got files with 25000 data points covering the period 24 April 2018 to 12 May 2018.

I have the following line in my server properties file:

I initially tried a figure of 30000 and then increased it to 100000. I rebooted the server but it made no difference to the number of points / time period exported.

I would appreciate some help on how to recover data that extends over many months.

Also, since my last server upgrade, the CSV download link is of the form http://eth0:8080/… How can I get it back to http://:8080 ?

And lastly, is there an alternative way of taking the bin files from the server and converting to CSV?