Blynk dashboard from web browser

I found an example to implement Blynk dasboard in HTML code written by @vshymanskyy here ( I tried the code, but it didn’t seem to work. So, I need confirmation here, is it supposed to be working or not anymore?

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I think this is related to this post.

I will need to check if it still works…

I hope it does, I really need an interface to interact with my ESP8266 from a Raspberry Pi, just like the app does.

Just updated the version - it should work now.
However, it is not intended to control another hardware, just line an app.
You can use bridges to achieve this.

Is it possible though to send a virtual pin value for other hardware?

it is

you can try it live

No, sorry for some reason it stopped working online for me.
Just get the latest version from npm and run locally

Yeah, I just did and it was awesome! Everything worked well, except the notification. I didn’t receive any notification when I pushed that Notify button. Any idea?

Update: Nevermind, they are here now. I guess it was due to my connection.

Ok, I got it. You have to access via http.

Can we do Blynk.virtualWrite right from there? From web browser?

OK, I can confirm it works again on Chrome and Firefox.
Yes, you can - just check the example code.

Which folder should I refer? nodejs or browser?

OMG, I’m such a dumbass… The thing I wanna ask from the first place is can we do something like bridge1.virtualWrite(V1, "hello") right in the browser?

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Hey did you ever figure this out?