Blynk crashes sketch

I’ve got a project with a few buttons. Everything works fine when using it under normal operations. However, it seems that Blynk crashes the sketch if you overload it with transmissions. For example, a simple button tied to a virtual pin. If I click it about once per second, and allow the sketch to respond (i.e. blink an LED) it’s fine, but if you click faster and repeat it, it seems to overload the sketch and crash the Arduino. In my current project, I’ve got the Watchdog timer set-up to catch this and can accurately re-create it. Also, my overall loop time is about 1 second as there are a number of operations and delays in my code. I can speed it up but doing this also tends to stress the CC3000 and cause it to crash as well.

Generally, this is not a big issue for me, as I will know to be cautions in how fast I click the buttons, but others may require this functionality. Wondering if others are experiencing this?