Blynk Controlled Home Cinema with hidden function

Hey guys,
check out my Blynk project!

I have various nodemcus and arduinos which run Blynk with a local server on my raspi.

Hope u like it!

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Great project , but you have to share your code, we are a big community and we need more than a spectacular video

What do you thing @PeteKnight ? :thinking:

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To be honest, it looks like there are lots of fairly discrete systems in use in this setup, and no evidence that Blynk is used at all.
If I was building something like this (and if ever I do, please feel free to come around and shoot me immediately) then I’d use MQTT to control the discreet MCUs.

In that situation it’s much like my home automation projects, where the code is very specific to an individual situation and set of requirements. In that case, it’s more about sharing ideas and building blocks as an inspiration to other makers rather than the nitty-gritty code itself.

Also, whenever you share code for something even fairly simple, you then get endless “I built this but get this compiler message” or “Can you send me a version that also makes me a cup of tea in the morning” type of feedback. It would take multiple post to even begin documenting half of this stuff, never mind sharing it in a way that others can replicate.


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Hey Pete,

(my name is actually pete too hehe…)

I am a bit confused about what you wrote - Maybe its my bad english skills or maybe not.

I am managing all these devices over the Blynk app and just wanted to show that the orchestration of all devices works really well over Blynk.
Of course It has specific code!
But this section was made to show Projects that are running with this Framework - And my cinema room was a project.
I dont see the point of your argument actually due to this section was ment to inspire and motivate people.

Blynk has no specific “must use like this and not for thst” guidelines.

Even though I’m open for any questions on this and I would look forward of sharing and improving my spaghetti code.

Sorry for that long message but I want to make clear for what this forum section is actually ment for.

Have a nice sunday evening and greetings from germany!

Which is why I said:

I’m well aware what the “Projects made with Blynk” section of the community forum is for, and I tend to believe that in that in many cases it’s best to showcase ideas and concepts rather than specific pieces of code - as I said above. Rather than sharing code, you’d probably be better sharing information about the type of hardware you’ve used - how many and what type of MCUs, what types of LED strips and how you’re driving them, what sorts of challenges you encountered and a high level overview of the whole setup.


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After about two hours in that room I would be all like “Wait… what movie was I watching again?” :stuck_out_tongue: