Blynk Control Scroll Text via BLE HC08 + Arduino uno + NeoMatrix witch 8x32

Good Evening,
My name is Gael, i m french, i’ve got à project witch Blynk arduino and a LED matrix 8x32.
i would like to control my scroll text on my matrix with blynk !!!

My hardware : arduino uno, ble HC08, iphone & Blynk, led matrix 8x32

  • scroll text on matrix is ok with adafruit neomatrix
  • communication between blynk and arduino via HC08 - BLE is ok
  • how can i join this two program (with virtual pin).

thanks for our Help :blush:

Hi, sorry I can’t offer an answer, but could you explain how you connected your phone. I have an Iphone X, the ble widget, the proper code and libraries, and a BLE HC08 module. It just says it cannot connect.

Hi, at first time, i’ve got the same problem when i have connected Tx & Rx from HC08 to Tx & Rx to the arduino… after some search, i have connected Rx & Tx from HC08 to Digital Pin (10,11) of my arduino.
in the scripts, you declare this :

#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial

#include <BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

char auth[] = “YourAuthentification”;
SoftwareSerial SerialBLE(10, 11); // RX,TX

And the connection is OK !!!

Please help me, my project must be ready in 4 week :frowning::pray:t3: , just : how can i integrated virtual pin from blynkwrite into NeoMatrix (Adafruit) ?

thank…lot of… for your help…