Blynk.connect() using SSL blocks if no route

Hi all,

Was just debugging 0.6.1 internals since Blynk.connect() with SSL deadly blocks if no routing exists.
Here’s BlynkSimpleEsp8266_SSL.h source:

// Synchronize time useing SNTP. This is necessary to verify that
// the TLS certificates offered by the server are currently valid.
configTime(0, 0, “”, “”);
time_t now = time(nullptr);
while (now < 100000) {
now = time(nullptr);

// Now try connecting <-- (yeah, actually we’ve just tried and stuck in a loop above)

As a result client is sitting on such loop, waiting for connect() to complete for ~72K (i see the initial time value as 28000) seconds for the reason of broken transport/SNTPs down.

Will someone fix it please, thanks