Blynk Compatible Ardunio shields

Hello respected Sir
I want your help in selecting the most effective shield to connect wirelessly to my arduino and then connect to the blynk. So can ya tell me which shield is the best one among these,

Yun Shield for Arduino ( Linux, WiFi, Ethernet, USB, All-in-one Shield) _A0439
Arduino CC3000 WiFi Shield

And which one them got support of blynk community

Any one here to help or suggest me
@Gunner @Costas @Pavel @AlxanderKatilot @hubshi @AlxanderKatilot @Abhijeet_Shinde @MFais95

@Imran123 my advice would be to avoid shields but if you really need something buy the ENC28J60 for $2.50.

Works well with Blynk and the correct libraries. At that price it hardly matters whether it works or not :slight_smile:

Have you made a serious effort to build your project around iOT MCU’s like the ESP’s?

Nope not yet but in near future? And thanks for the reply will check it out soon @Costas

not tried. but i will try now.