Blynk Community Forum - newbie can't PM? Badges needed?

I’ve just created an account on the Blynk Community forum and can’t find a way to send a PM. There seems to be no ‘new message’ in Messages (sorry if I missed it - please point me in the right direction…)
Does someone new to the Forum need certain badges before they can send a PM?

I want to change my Blynk account email address (not for the forum) and the only information I have found here is to PM Dmitriy.
I also wonder if ‘Changing an Account Email’ should be a FAQ topic?

If badges are needed before PM is allowed it would be good to add this to the Guidelines.

Also wonder if there should be a Community Forum Category for these sort of questions…


I PM’d Dmitriy for you.

Yes, new users need to get to level 1 by posting, editing and a few other things that earn badges before being allowed to use certain features. Prevents spamming from new accounts.

Thanks @wickedbeernut.

I was probably a bit impatient. I was given the Basic badge a not long ago and can now PM.

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