Blynk Commerical Example Question

Hi, I apologize if I created this post in the wrong category. I wasn’t sure which one was best.

With that out of the way, I would like to explain a project I am working on and whether or not I am allowed to use the Blynk app within an example.

Over the past few months, I have been working on an arduino iot weather station board that gathers weather data measurements such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc, and displays the data on the Blynk app. I love working with the Blynk app because it is so easy, yet you can create complex projects that look super cool.

My final step is to create a Tindie listing for my arduino iot weather station board. However, before I begin, I wanted to check if I can show the Blynk app in pictures/video of my product in action on my Tindie listing. Also, I wanted to check if I can provide my customers with arduino example code on github that works with the Blynk app.

I am not using/distributing the commercial Blynk app. I am only using the free Blynk app. I don’t think that this is not allowed because I have seen companies like Adafruit and Arduino use it in examples, however, I wanted to make sure.

Thank you so much and I would really appreciate any replies!

I think that’s a question for @Pavel to answer, but it might be helpful if you explained a little more.

Does your app use more than 2000 energy units, so requiring them to purchase Blynk energy?

Does the fact that your hardware works with Blynk mean that you are charging your customers more than you would otherwise?


Thank you so much for your response.

I feel like a did a poor job explaining my question. The main point I was trying to get at was if I am allowed to use photos/videos of the Blynk app (normal free version) with my project in action for my commercial project.

The second part was creating examples arduino programs that display data on the Blynk app (free normal version).

As far as energy points go, everything would be up to the customer just like with adafruit, arduino, etc. Also, the customers are not required in any way to use the Blynk app. They can print the sensor data to the serial monitor, use the Blynk app(normal free version), or any other interface (thingspeak), etc.

Finally, to answer the last question, my product does not revolve around the Blynk app, similar to how an Adafruit feather board does not. I think that the Blynk app is a cool way to display data and would like to show images/videos of it displaying data from my product. And I would not be charging more in any way because it works with Blynk.

Thanks again.


Here is an example of my question. I found a similar product tindie listing that uses an image with the product along with the data displayed on the Blynk app.

The second image is the perfect example. Link:

Am I allowed to use the same type of image in my listing/campaign?

Thank you for your expert help.

As I said, it’s not my place to answer the question.


Where should I go to find this answer?

Thanks again!



I attempted to contact Blynk twice via their website and sent a message to @Pavel.

However, I am still stuck because I never got a response from any of the messages I sent.

Any ideas of what I should try?

My question is very basic, but no one responds…

I appreciate all of your help.