Blynk cloud not connecting on reboot


Strange one here.

Blynk is working on all my devices OK except today when I rebooted one of them. Thought it was a problem with a new code flash. However, if I just reboot a device (actually I’ve rebooted 3 now) then the device is not connecting to the blynk cloud. Fine before hand - not now.


I’d start by rebooting your router and any additional wireless access points.

If that doesn’t help then post your code, and details of ESP core version, Arduino IDE settings used to flash the code etc.


Yes that was it. I have various wifi points over the property. The tests I did didn’t suggest a wifi or primary router issue. But I didn’t reboot the router that the device was attached to. Duh. When I did it was all OK. Strange that phone and computer and existing connected devices were OK.

Anyway the reboot of the AP/wifi did the trick.


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Too many years doing iT support - turn it all off and on again before you start doing anything else…


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