Blynk client (library) frozen?


last Saturday (April 30th 2016) I opened my Blynk app in my android phone to set the temperature of my home thermostat only to find the hardware unresponsive.

Since the thermostat in question is running in a Particle Photon, I turned to the Particle CLI and I was able to control it without issues.
This lead me to believe there was an issue with either the blynk client in my hardware, the blynk servers in the cloud or the blynk app. To rule out the android app, I rebooted my phone. Tried to connect, and the hardware was still unresponsive. I even tried with my family’s phone, to whom I shared my project before. Same result, so it wasn’t the phone Blynk app.

So now the question @Pavel, @Dmitriy, was there an issue in the Blynk cloud this weekend?
If the Blynk cloud was ok, does somebody know how to make the client blynk (the library that runs in the hardware) to reset itself if it becomes unresponsive?

EDIT: after resetting my photon, I was able to control it again with the Blynk app.

thank you!
PS: in case the source code matters, it’s here:


@vshymanskyy could you please advice?

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@Dmitriy and @vshymanskyy,
I was thinking that if there were a connection to blynk cloud timeout that the blynk library has, once this timeout expires we could in some way reinitialize the blynk library running in our hardware (in my case particle photons).
Is there such a mechanism implemented? or anything else that you guys might think of that could be of any help in unblocking the blynk client library when it gets “stuck”?


Blynk reconnects if it loses connection to the cloud its implemented in run(). More likely issues with your code or internet connection. Honestly weird stuff happens. On my one device where i don’t have access, Blynk wasn’t working for 2 days and then it magically reconnected and is for 2 weeks reliably, it wasn’t code related but most likely network related issues as I always had problems with that and the whole house in on LTE…

Hi @conkerkh, than you for your perspective.

I doubt the issue was an internet connection issue since the particle photon comes with a could itself (besides the blynk server) and I was able to control my device via commands sent in that cloud. So the connectivity was ok.
I doubt as well my code was the issue because it was running fine the commands sent via the particle cloud.

As a result, I believe the only thing stuck in my hardware was the blynk library, maybe it was trying to reconnect all the time, maybe not, but I waited a full day for it and nothing improved. I ended up rebooting my hardware and of course that fixed it.

All I would like to know now (since Pavel confirmed there were no issues in the cloud) if
1- I hit a bug in the blynk client
2- how I can avoid or fix it


By internet connection I don’t mean that your internet wasn’t working at all but rather than that some issues with NAT or some other stuff, as I said I had issues before unrelated to code and Internet connection itself but for some reason I couldn’t connect to blynk cloud and it magically solved itself… After few days… Same is in my other place where I live. For some reason NAT on provider side is so messed up that using my router I can’t connect to blynk but using public hotspot which is essentially on the same network I can easily connect without any issues. Basically I’m affraid we have to live with this…

oh I see it better now. thanks

We don’t have enough information about this case, to investigate it… If it happens again, you could enable BLYNK_DEBUG to see what’s going on. Blynk completely relies on particle to bring device to the network, and continuously tries to reconnect, if not connected (Unless you call Blynk.disconnect())

alright, will try the BLYNK_DEBUG next time, thanks!