Blynk Channel integration with IFTTT

When will the Blynk gonna have a channel in IFTTT …??? Would be great If you guys have one soon …

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Could you please describe how do you this integration? Especially some real use cases?

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I will try :slight_smile:
It’s a wery big expansion of blynk’s possibilities by integrating IFTTT. To big not to do it in my opinion. You will be able to connect an wireless arduino device with a lot of already existing devices and services. E.g. If I have bought a weatherstation able to connect to IFTTT. Then I could with little effort build a esp8266 device to control the ventilation system. Of course I could build the weather station using blynk. But if not to complex to develop, why not see what people can use it for. And maybe some IFTTT users will merge to blynk :slight_smile:



Thank you. But I’m not still 100% sure what to do here. Could you please give me some kind of steps that you see as end user of Blynk and IFTTT. What I’m trying to understand here is how those integration should look like from end-user point of view. In general yes I understand. But let’s start from begging and current Blynk workflow. You downloaded App. - what next steps? Sorry if I’m annoying =).

Not annoying at all. :grinning: I know exactly what you mean. Right now I’m in a hurry. So I will get back later today and give a better description of how I see it. :slight_smile:

Well … To get a better picture, i’m coming up with an example.

  1. IFTTT to Blynk - If [GMail] Channel receive new mail Then [Blynk] Channel will trigger pin High for Mail Button Widget (D13) on a Arduino Project with respective Auth token. So user will get a physical indication (blink LED in D13) upon receiving a new mail to his/her GMail inbox.

  2. Blynk to IFTTT - If [Blynk] Channel receive trigger from hardware (Interrupt event from button, motion sensor or pin value change from Blynk authenticated Arduino) Then [Facebook or Google+ or Twitter] Channel will make a status update on users Facebook or Google + …

So you can integrate almost any IFTTT channels with Blynk channel vise versa which will take Blynk experience beyond its limit.

Hope you understood this example cut and clear … :smiley:

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I think we won’t integrate on the channel level with the IFTTT, but rather using the existing Maker channel.
It will not only be easier but also reflect the “maker spirit” of Blynk :wink:
Does it sound OK?

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IMO this sounds good.

To be honest i hadn’t done much research about IFTTT since i could see a lot of potential but not had real use for it with the devices i used.
But with the maker channel wich i saw now that you mentioned it, it makes good sense. Already now it would be possible with a normal “client” but some nice simple integration into blynk would be nice. And i think as you say, it would be easier and more “the spirit” of blynk :smile:

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Done. For local servers for now. Later we will also add Blynk channel for IFTTT.

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