Blynk Board Virtual Pins not working

• Hardware model + communication type. Sparkfun Blynk Board. wifi on board
• Smartphone iOS version 11.4
• Blynk server I think, using Hughesnet satellite modem with built in wifi
• Blynk Library version don’t know• Add your sketch code.using what ever came on the Blynk Board, I have not written a sketch

Hello, I have been following the project guide on the Sparkfun website ( - e.g., Project 4, Temperature
and Humidity Values, and Project 5: Gauging the Analog-to-Digital Converter) and none of my virtual pins function.

For example Project 5: Gauging the Analog-to-Digital Converter the Gage widget works as expected when moving the slide pot, but when the value widget display set to V8 the output remains blank when the project is run.

Nothing that requires a Virtual Pin works. I am connected via IOS and I can run the simple blink programs and stuff like the zeRGBa just fine, but nothing that requires Virtual Pins.

I contacted Sparkfun, sent screen shots of my iPhone Blynk setup, they could not help and referred me to the Blynk community for help. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request.

  1. Please post your code
  2. Did you set Gauge to work in PUSH frequency. (In widget settings)?