Blynk Automation (Configuration)


I need help but i think this doesnt need coding.
I want to get alert by automation when led = 1, but im not quite sure how to setup because when i try,

  1. I configure led = 1, then send email
  2. When i use my coding on arduino (Noted that all of this is connected) when sensor smth and the led =1 but the apps doesnt give the notfication that i setup.

Please help :’)

first of all, you should write a simple sketch to control the led using a button for example, I’d suggest using virtual pins
after that you will be able to use automation to control the led, send notification, send email, etc…

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Hi, thank you for replying, i had that in my coding, then should i use smth like Blynk.logEvent(“xx”,“xx”) or Blynk.Email(“xx”,“xx”)?

Blynk.notify,, and blynk.sms have been replaced with blynk.logEvent.
You should use blynk.logEvent and configure the event to send email, like this

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If you want help doing this in an Automation then you need to posy information about how your datastreams are configured, what you’ve set-up in your Automation, and probably information about what you have in your sketchy that is sending data to the datastreams used in the Automation.

Without that, it’s very difficult to understand your question fully, and provide sensible advice.


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Just to make things clear, there’s two ways to send notifications.

One :
Using automation ( no coding method ) to send notifications when a certain condition is met, for example everyday at 7:00 pm, or if device is on, or if sensor reading is greater than, etc…

Two :
Send notifications from the hardware side using longevent, which is the most recommended way.

If you would like to use automation, there’s no need to add this line

Blynk.logEvent("event_code", "optional message");

to your sketch ( it will work without it ).

If you would like to use logevent, then you should add this line

Blynk.logEvent("event_code", "optional message");

to your sketch ( it won’t work without it ) and keep in your mind that you can send only 100 events per devices per day, so you should use it wisely

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Thank you very much for the help!! It workss hehe thank youu :relaxed: btw i use the Blynk.logEvent

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