Blynk app stopping when swiping terminal combined with Key/b

Using samsung galaxy GT I9100 with 4.1.2.
The project uses multiple buttons and a couple of Value displays along with a terminal.

The terminal is used for displaying data which is either sent back after certain button actions, or as the result of requests via the keyboard. All goes very well so far.

On activating the terminal text input mode, the keyboard pops up and displays the terminal just above it. Inputting text is fine, along with the required response. Tapping the terminal screen will clear the keyboard, and the dashboard will return to its normal display.
However, if the teminal screen area is inadvertently swiped slightly, the display will partly disappear and lock out, leading to an app lockout.

I’m not sure what is to blame here, I am simply reporting it. Would be preferable if it didn’t happen.

Thank you for reporting. @BlynkAndroidDev please have a look.

Hi @Roffey,

Could you record a video for this actions? It is hard to reproduce on our side, but i see that something like it could happen.


Checked it on my tablet, and I cannot get it to happen, so maybe it’s just one of those things related to the combination of the app and the particular phone.

It appears that I can’t upload the video file I just made … would you like me to send it via email?

My email -