Blynk App setting bug on Android

With the previous version of Blynk app I couldn’t login anymore. Anyway I was not using it at the moment. However I tried again with the new version of the app (1.0 RC6), still no luck. But now the app let me update my password, which I did.
After login with the new password (it finally worked), the app shows me the last sketch I created some time ago, but right away shows the Project Settings window. The problem now is that I can’t close this window, if I hit the Back button, another Project Settings window is shown.

Uh, while writing the message I thought i could try to delete the project and do a new one. It works. It seems the problems was that the previous project was created with Spark Core, which does not exist in the app anymore, it is replaced by Particle Core. Could that be the cause of the app rejecting my Project Settings?

Such bug is definitely caused by renaming Spark Core to Particle.

Sorry for inconvenience. We actually fixed this bug before release. It would be interesting to investigate. Adding @Dmitriy

Thanks for reporting.

While trying to get rid of the Project Settings window, I remember I could see the Spark Core in the list, but not the Particle Core. Probably you should rename automatically the device when upgrading to a new version of the app.

That’s exactly what we did. And this is why it’s interesting what happened with your app