Blynk app says unable to connect to the server?

I had used Blynk app successfully with ESP based IOT a few months back. I now try to use the app for the same project, but when I start the app all it says is unable to connect to the server, check your internet connection.

Everything else on the phone works, so it is not the internet connection. I doubt the servers are down. What happened here?

Any help will be appreciated.


Blynk changed the domain name of the server. Flash your device with the latest version of the library.

Hi @Costas,

I’ve the same problem. My project with ESP8266 stops to work days ago.
Hi’ve upgraded library to 0.3.7 but stil no connection with server.


Thanks for the advise, it worked.


Upgrade your app as well. Then you need to update the server name in the app. Even after updating to the latest app, the server name does not update automatically. You have to change it to from I don’t exactly remember how I was able to get to the place in the app where I can set it, but just press any button on the top (I think left arrow) where it says unable to connect to the server on the app.

It is updated. What make you think it’s not?

Hi Shah,

Sorry but i don’t understand how to change server name in the app.
I’ve Samsung S4 and IPad and both show same problem.
I’ve tried to remo e the app and reinstall but without success.
Just some day ago the two ESP project worked very well now i’m not be able to restore them.
Please may you help me?
Thank you


Because when I updated my app it still won’t connect, until I was able to locate the box where the server name went, and it showed the old domain name there and I changed it to new and it started connecting.

You mean changed on hardware, right?

No I am talking about the app. For the hardware it was easy, I just updated the library and never had to see the domain name. But in the app I had to locate the box where the domain name was, and then update it there.

Now that it is updated I am not able to find the text box where the server name went. I guess it doesn’t give that option at all if it is able to successfully connect to the server.

Hi @Dmitry,

I’ve removed and reinstalled the app in both Samsung S4 and IPad but the messagge is the same “Esp8266 is offline”. Also I’ve upgraded the Blynk library on Arduino IDE (i use 1.6.5).
I’m shure esp8266 works because i can see them (two projects) on the network.

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Hi all, ok solved on iPad with the last upgrade (2.4 version released yesterday).