Blynk app reports Arduino "Wasn't online yet"


Sorry about my ignorance, I’m new to all this Blynking stuff. Thank you so much again.


Whats funny is that the professional network guy got blown off.


heh… I think you lost the OP (and me :blush: ) at “telnet” :rofl::rofl::rofl:


But seriously… I think I missed your post (and yes I would have figured out how to telnet if needed :wink: EDIT - boom done, but it wants a restart and I want to finish my movie, so next time I guess :smiley: )


@jmerlog did you create your Blynk account and first project on your phone when in a different country?
Killing time in a hotel room on a business trip maybe?

If so, that could be why your project is sitting on a different server and is requiring redirection from your nearest Blynk cloud server to the one where your project lives (which obviously doesn’t work correctly when using your USB connection for some reason).

If this is the case then you might want to think about fixing this before you go too much further with Blynk.
I don’t know if Blynk always puts new projects on the server where your account was created, or whether they go on the server that’s geographically nearest to you at the time. If it’s the latter then simply creating a new project and using the auth code from that in your sketch, along with ‘’ as the server in your connection script, should do the trick.
If not then you’d need to create a new Blynk account.



Hi @PeteKnight. I indeed create my Blynk account and first project on my phone but in my country, not in a different one, so I think that’s not the problem.