Blynk App (Preview) shutting down

Hi Sharon,
I assume that you know that iOS has an option to choose when the phone’s Location Services are available to use within an app?
Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Blynk/
This has the options of “Never”, “While using the app” and “Always”.
Can you confirm that your phone is set to “Always”?

I’ve only tried using the GPS Stream widget once, because one of the forum members wanted to do some geofencing and the iOS version of Blynk doesn’t have a GPS trigger widget to do this.
The discussion about this is uin this thread:

As you’ll see, the result for me was that constantly using location services killed the battery on my iPhone quite quickly.


:thinking: on my iOS, I don’t see Blynk under Location Services, strange!

So you see a list of apps like this, but Blynk isn’t one of them?


No. I only see it under the generic settings. Maybe it’s because I’m not using a GPS widget.

Are you sure you see the launch screen (green “Blynk” on dark background)?

Also check @PeteKnight comment regarding location services permission. The only way for an app to be constantly running in the background is to have “Always” set there.

Hi Pete,

The App is set to Always.

You are correct there is no GPS trigger implemented in the iOS version, I did implement it in the device code. the way I saved on battery is implementing a power management scheme to update the location on different timers for different locations, after implementing this I didn’t have any power issue. But I still have an issue of the Preview App crashing every few hours.