Blynk App Notifications not working-Possible bug?-

Hello again,
Fixed some problems found some new ones…
I have a local server running on a RPI 3 Model B+ and it was working without any problems or errors for at least 5-6 hours and now it wont send push notifications.
I have an ESP8266 connected and programmed to send Blynk notifications when some door sensors are triggered but for the last 3 hours it just wont send the notifications.
I have also programmed it to update an Led widget. Well the Led works and the Notifications doesn’t.
Any ideas? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the Blynk application, I have the Blynk version 2.26.7 and the 0.39.0-java8 version in the server.
My thoughts are to see if there is any log files in the server and if they returns any errors when the notification is send from the ESP.
Also I am on android and my device is Huawei P10 Lite