Blynk app deleting widgets and widget data on activation

Some strange behaviour on my Blynk app (Android) this last day or so. I have been adding widgets of various types to build my application (which is enormous fun by the way!) but I have found a frustrating issue. Every now and again, when I hit the ‘play’ button on my app to try something out, my eventor loses all of the events contained within it, and sometimes menus and readouts I had set up are deleted. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a software issue I’m coming up against?
Many thanks for your time,

Hello. Hard to say. Do you have stable internet connection? Could you please show us video?

Ok, though it is intermittent so it may be a long screen cast. I’ll look into the connection issue but I have no reason to believe it is unstable. Many thanks for your swift reply!