BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED not working when using shared access link

• Hardware model : wemos d1 mini pro
• Smartphone OS : Android
• Blynk server
• Blynk Library version 0.5.4

BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED works on the phone where I build the project but on the phone where I open the shared link its not working.

the BLYNK_APP_DISCONNECTED is working on both phones…

can someone explain this ?


Project Sharing is for a simple demonstration mode, so not everything will work on the “share” as on the “host”.
And the Share is only active when the host is.

The BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED command is looking at the host App/project, only.

Not sure how this can work when the share is “offline” since the host is the driving factor in the first place.

That’s correct. Only master app can trigger APP_CONNECTED event.

And this

seems like a bug.

I am not sure.
I start the application on the phone where I developed my application. Then i stop blynk on my phone …
When I open the shared link app on the other phone everything works. Except I don’t receive a BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED… but when I close the blynk on the phone with the shared link it will trigger a BLYNK_APP_DISCONNECTED…

I thought that when you finish you’re app you share it to the users to use it.

How can the device know to send data when it did not know if anyone is connected ?

My program only sends data to the LCD screen of the blynk app when a app is connected. I made it this way because the program on my Arduino crashed when i send a amount of date when there is no connected app.

So what is the correct way to go for me ?
I am a little confused about the share option of blynk…