Blynk app and google assistant (IFTTT and webhook)

I’m using blynk app and google assistant to control a dc led 5 volt , i already control from blynk app without problem but i cant control from google assistant (IFTTT and webhook)
i Put in URL:
TO control pin D2=GPIO4, AND use this ip and trying antrer one
but nothing go on just i asked google to turn on led and he respond led on but the led status not changed
could you help me ?

Are you using blynk IOT or legacy ?

blynk the old version.

Your url should look like this sample
Don’t forget to replace with the server IP

hello Mohamed

you try this for Blynk Lengcy
remeber you have to use your auth token thanks

I’d always recommend using the GET method rather than PUT (with the correct GET syntax of course) and putting everything in the URL and nothing in the Body.

You also have to use the IP address of the Blynk server where your Blynk project resides.
Pinging will normally return this IP address.

One advantage oif putting the whole API call in the URL field is that you can test the API call by pasting the URL into the address bar of your browser. It makes testing and debugging much easier.


i have two pint
1- IP server i use command prompt to get it is that write (, or the IP server are fixed all over the world (I’m from Egypt ,Africa) ?
2-D8?value=1 , what does it mean?

I’m using the old version of blynk not legacy, is their a deference between them ?

  • what the IP server should i use ? is the or get it from my command prompt?
  • i will try with changing -PUT- to GET

That’s the IP address for the New York Legacy server.

It means set digital pin 8 to HIGH

D8?value=0 would set the same pin to LOW

Blynk Legacy is the old version of Blynk.

You need to use the IP address of the server where your project lives. You would normally obtain this by pinging from your PC.

In that case you need to use the GET syntax which is the example used by @John93 in post #4
But, you’d be better testing the API call from your browser first.

The Legacy API syntax is documented here:


thanks, and i will try to do as you explain

thanks, and i will try to do as you explain.