Blynk App 2.12.3 crashes

I updated the app but now when I tap on blynk App, it shows a Black screen and after few seconds, it crashes.
Blynk App version 2.12.3 on nexus 6p Nougat 7.1.1

Me too!!!, Android 6.0 Huawei P8 light.

Xaomi Redmi 3 Note Pro ,Android 6.0.1 ,it crashes.

We have already uploaded fixed build. Should be available very soon (or already) to update.
It would have the same 1.12.3 version.

Sorry guys. We already took actions to avoid such failures in future.

Apps conflict Samsung s 7 after update


All who still has no updates in Google Play could use the build by next link: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

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App down

@BlynkAndroidDev Your direct download works, thank you, but seems to crash frequently, particularly when switching tabs.

Last update crash, on android 6.0.

This version from this link its working, shows version: 2.12.3.


All fine on my Nexus 5x :slight_smile:

Could you install the latest build from the google play, I guess there should be a fixed build, and on this crash - send it via crash report - I don’t see such crashes in our crash analytics. Thanks

Do you have the notications in any of the active projects?

@BlynkAndroidDev It never gave me the option to send any reports, and the app automatically restarted (as seen in the background of the error), I just had to tap on the message and keep going for a bit.

Yes, I have basic “Hardware Offline” notification - Instant and High

I just uninstalled and loaded the new and improved 2.12.3, now with 50% less black screen :stuck_out_tongue: and it was working better, but then crashed again when switching tabs a few more times. This time there was a report option, so I did.

I have also been noticing (last version, and this one as well) that my hardware keeps disconnecting within minutes and without arenrent reason… but I will open a new topic on that later… need to test a bit more first.

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It seems that in your case it is a crash inside video native library, I’ll check what could be done.

I had a crash when I was moving away from a project that has a video feed into one that didn’t. I sent the crash report.

@structure7 @Gunner

I’ve uploaded a new build with a fix to google play for your issues - they were connected with video playback, so they could happen on open/close projects with active video widget.

Also, I’ve updated the build by my previous link - so you could not wait for Google Play enroll and install it.