where I could download Blynk.apk
I do not want to download google play, or appstore.
I would like .app my windows 10 emulator for Android.

I do not have, android phones / tablets,
and I have no iPhone.
Therefore, I would just blynk.apk
I have an Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega and Arduino Nano + WiFi / Ethernet shield
I also programs Mit app inventor who manufactures xxxx.apk.
They work on my android emulator.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you who do not bother to help me.

I went over to my friend 300 kilometers, and he knocked me .apk
Now the application runs through my Windows 10 emulator.

@Silkku Hello. I think no one answered you cause nobody did this. Anyway all apps in google play is APKs so all you need just download it. Quick googling shows few simple ways to do that. Like this one. So next time you don’t need to go over 300 km :wink:

Thank you friend.
I would have to blynk.apk,
Although I still have not found Googling it.
but I got it from a friend last night.
Now my project work, without the android / aple devices.

Cool. Glad you did it. We often release updates so link above would be helpful for you anyway.