Blynk API with RTC

I am using the HTTP Api and its working great for sending data to Blynk server. I was wondering if there is a way to get time/date using the RTC with the HTTP API. if so how do you format the request and capture the reply?

Thank you.

Have you tried reading the virtual pin you attached the RTC widget to, from the api??
It should give you an output.

Not supported. Will be added in next update

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Hello Dmitriy. According to the github page, the issue is now closed. Does it mean it is implemented? I couldn’t find a way to read RTC through HTTP API in most recent version of the library anyhow.

@Ozon hello. Pleaes try GET {api_url}/{token}/rtc

Thank you, @Dmitriy! It works as intented. Did I miss it on ? If it is not there, I think it is worth updating the doc.

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Yeap. It is missing in docs.