Blynk API - Clearing Map Widget

Hello all,

I’ve been doing some testing with the map widget via the API/Python and I’ve run into a bit of an issue. I’m adding GPS locations to the widget without issue with a simple get command. The problem comes when I try to clear the map. The data points don’t disappear until I manually close the app and re-open. Or if I send a new data point after the clear command then it works as expected. Is there a command I need to send to refresh the widget as well? I’d like to be able to clear the map without having to exit the app or send an additional data point. The commands I’m using are below. Not sure if it’s relevant but there are no physical devices on this project. All data is input through API calls from Python.

urllib2.urlopen(blynkServer + "V" + str(locPin) + "?value=" + str(locIndex) + "&value=" + str(locLat) + "&value=" + str(locLong) + "&value=Index" + str(i), context=context).read()

urllib2.urlopen(blynkServer + “V” + str(locPin) + “?value=clr”, context=context).read()