Blynk and Sigfox backend integration

Please could you explain how you send data from sigfox to blynk in detail?
What should I write in Url pattern, Headers, and Body ?


How to backend Sigfox integration with blynk?
Could you help me …

@wael please don’t keep creating new topics on the same subject.
I have merged your two topics in to one.


Sorry for that.
I dying to know how to make the integration between Blynk and Sigfox.
unfortunately, I didn’t get any answers.

Seems to me like more of a Sigfox community question. The Blynk API is quite simple and very well documented.


I need to know “Url pattern” to write it down in sigfox
“Url pattern” is the URL generated by blynk

Have you read the Blynk API documentation?


not yet.
Also, I don’t know where I should start.

The API documentation is here:

I’d recommend using GET for all read and write operations.
You also need to use the actual IP address of the Blynk server where your project lives, rather than You can obtain the IP address by pinging from your home PC.