Blynk and my green house controller

Hello again this project I made was requested from my freind that he built agreenhouse and he wanted to maintain the temperature inside which he wanted to have Ac unit , heater and dihumidfire
I thought of blynk it it was my goal to make one like that before but I didn’t have a chance but now I did it and am very happy thank u guys all.
So am using 5vdc relays that control 24vdc relays 20Amps so the Ac and the heater can handle it .
Also I used eventor to set the temperature I didn’t want to do it in the code coz he is not able to change it I made it with eventor so he is able to change it as he desire .
I used wemos D1 pro coz it has external antenna coz am using the stainless panel when I close it the signal gets low for the Wifi
Many thanks for @Costas I used his example for the wemos d1 pro WiFi signal strength and I add it to my core to he is able to watch the signal and aim the antenna to the best direction .
Also I added timer for the Ac unit so when the temp higher than let’s say 80 the ac won’t turn on right a way I put OnDelay timer so it will trigger after 3 mints again I could’ve do it in the code but he don’t know how to code and arduino IDE and blynk .so he is able to change the time so the ac won’t be on and off in short time .
I added four outlets two on each side one control the Ac unit one for heater one for dihumidfire one is spare it always has 110Ac volte
So far is good I don’t have failers I just had one problem when I disconnect the plug and reconnected it wasn’t updating the status of the relay the problem was in the eventor I used digital input so I changed it to Virtual input and I used VIrtualSyc(V0,V1,etc…) and it solved the problems
Here is some pics and also I’ll post the code shortly .
Thanks again for blynk community


Congrats, looks really tidy.

I’m assuming it wasn’t an easy task to cut this panel hahahha

I see that you’ve even turned the resistor around on the D1 Mini Pro to allow it to work with an external antenna, rather than simply chiselling it off the way that @Costas does :grinning:

My OCD instincts kick-in when I see that on the LCD display the decimal points for temp and humidity don’t line up, and your strange spelling of “dehumidifier’ in the app, but if that’s the only criticism on a project like this then you’ve done a great job.

I hope your friend appreciates the work you’ve put in to this.


I used my 3D printer I didn’t cut at all other than drilling holes :slight_smile: .and yes I know it’s not easy to cut lol

Lol u very right I didn’t know how to spell it right in that time coz I was in hurry to finish it but now after I seen u spelling it I will correct it thank u very much ,I have been in USA almost 7 years am working on the language to get better and better :slight_smile:
Thanks for the spelling :slight_smile:

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yeah, I was wondering how a di-humidi-fire works… :grinning:

Great project dananmo!

Lol good one
Thank u sir