Blynk and JSON together - multiple IP connections?

hi fellow Blynkers, I’m trying to build a project to monitor my solar power production via Blynk and ESP8266. I already use, but the parameters it can display are limited, and I’d like to be able to explore everything that’s available via the JSON interface.

The JSON to read various inverter parameters is well documented on the manufacturer website, and the inverter is connected to my wifi network so I have no problem accessing that part.

From what I understand, the Blynk library needs exclusive access to the network connection for heartbeat etc, and therefore a single ESP8266 module can’t do both the JSON read/parse from the inverter via wifi as well as update Blynk.

Any ideas if this can be done on a single ESP, or do I need to use Bridge or Webhook, or something else like UART comms between 2 ESPs?

You could try this to share data between two ESP8266… one running Blynk.

It doesn’t need exclusive access to the network.