Blynk and ADAfruit libraries not working correctly (or other conflict)

I have been trying to get blynk to work with adafruit. I am currently using an HC - 10 bluetooth module with an iphone. I got the Bluetooth to work correctly but now when include both blynk and the adafruit library my motors just do not work. Heres my code.

#include "BlynkSimpleSerialBLE.h"
#include "SoftwareSerial.h"
char auth[] = "OrNtzauw56uPjUr6sFcQgQ3xc5b9nukm";
#include "AFMotor.h"

AF_DCMotor motor1(1);
AF_DCMotor motor2(2);
AF_DCMotor motor3(3);
AF_DCMotor motor4(4);

void setup()
  Serial.println("Motor party!");
  Blynk.begin(Serial, auth);

void loop()

When I run the code with out the blynk code added it works completely fine. I was wondering if you can’t run two libraries at the same time or if its another issue.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

@Isaac_Sachs please edit your code (using the pencil icon at the bottom), and add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:


Thank you Pete.

You can’t use the same serial port for connection with Blynk and debug messages.
You’ve included the software serial library, but aren’t making use of it.