Blynk Adversely Affects Ping and Web Server

I’ve added Blynk functionality to an existing ESP8266 project (on Adafruit Huzzah) and it seems to have caused problems with the original WiFi operations that the program was doing. I’m running a very simple web page server using this library:

Normally it works well. But, when I also enable Blynk operation it becomes almost totally non-responsive to requests from the Client browser. However, I think the problem is more basic than the web server. In this configuration the ESP8266 is very non-responsive to even ping requests. It will fail to reply to between 25% and 100% of the ping packets.

At first I thought that I was doing Blynk operations too often so I limited them as follows:

  • No more often than every 35 seconds I perform Blynk.virtualWrite() pushes to three “Labeled Value Settings” widgets.

  • No more often than every 61 seconds I perform a Blynk.virtualWrite() push to a “History Graph” widget.

  • Every 50ms I perform a call to

Wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior. Wondering if there are perhaps any tight loops in the Blynk code that prevent the ESP8266 from doing its background tasks. As it stands, my code contains too much unrelated stuff to post. When able, I will do the following:

  • Post stripped down code that exhibits the problem with web server and Blynk running.

  • Test and post code with only Blynk running to see if it affects ping requests.



I think this is general ESP issue it is not very suitable for handling multiple connections. @vshymanskyy should know better.