Blynk account and auth token Issue (lost user and data?)


I am on a IoT project with some other engineers, last week we installed an Arduino Leonardo with several temperature and humidity sensors on a site, it was working fine sending data all week until today.
By some strange reason the account that we registered is saying “User is not registered” so we can not access the account and also if we try to use the “Blynk HTTP RESTful API” with the auth token that was provided it is replying back with “invalid token”.
So it sounds like it either got deleted (account and auth token) or we got banned for a strange reason? who can help us to figure out this issue? We are interested in retrieving the data and figuring out what happen!
Its a lot of info from those sensors that we are trying to analyze, I am unsure if this is a good place o place the details such as “user” and “auth token” to help understand in detail.

  • The blynk app that was used was running on an Android OS 5.1
  • We are sure that it was working all week
  • Today the account says “user is not registered”
  • Today we also notice that the auth token is saying “invalid token”

Hello. Please provide me with your login name.

The account for this issue is:

I left the blynk app for a while and same happen in my application
My account have many saved projects and dont want to loose them.
My Email is
it returns “User is not registered”
if I use a proxy it says Authentication failed
I reset my password just now in web but seems the app is not connected to it in anyway
please help.