Blynk 8 channel relay, activates port 8

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I am new to this here. I have build a app on my adroid phone. It is simpel, only 8 push buttons. Each push activate the port on the relay. The problem is that when the Pii boots and I start Blynk, port 8 is ativatede for some reason. I can deactivate it by pressing the button for relay 8. How do I prevent that?

By setting pin states in your code. Without any code, one GPIO will always be pushed HIGH on start.

If this looks too complicated for you, then you can try to add this to your sketch right before void loop:


This will synchronize all GPIO pins with button states in your app after boot, so you don’t have to write any code / go to virtual pins.

Thanks, and where do I find the code for the program I did on my Phone?

I’m talking about the code that connects your Raspberry with Blynk. There is no code on your iPhone.

Ok the code I start on the Raspberry. Can you tell me how please?

Ah, ok, setup is different on Pi than on esp boards, so let’s wait for some of guys using Pi as a client. I don’t know how to run Blynk.syncAll() on Pi, but there must be a way.

Anyone please help?

Unfortunately, there is limited examples for RPi and Blynk… try searching this forum for keywords like RPi, Nodejs. etc.

I knew I had looked into this before… and finally found it… good thing I know how to do …

Blynk - RE-SEAR-CH


@Christian_Eilskov This reference might help… but please keep any questions in this topic of yours, thanks. How can i use Player widget in nodeJS?

Found on the net: When I see RTFM I find it offensive to the question asker, that may be a complete newbie, and SO also needs to serve complete newbies well. If you think the asker should RTFM, it’s okay to just ignore or politely direct him/her at the documentation without the F attitude.


Where did you see RTFM, what attitude and what did you find offensive here?

BTW, this is very strange way of asking for help. As for me, over and out.

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I was never in, but I’m out now.

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