Blynk 2, LORA and Wifi

Hi All

I am trying to make a tracker for my Grandchildren.

I have attached a drawing of the setup.

I can get the LORA to work fine on its own.
I can get the WIFI on the receiver to work as well (and can connect to Blynk.edgent as well)

I just cant connect to both LORA and WIFI at once.

I think the issue is because the “TTGO Lora32, SX1276” has both WIFI and LORA in the one shield and the board is getting confused and sharing the same resources (the aerial for example)
I have used all the settings provided with the board (pin connections etc.)
I have also stopped using the OLED to make the code easier at this stage

When I have both LORA and WIFI enabled the LORA still works but I drop of f the internet!

Do you think this is possible to do? (Share LORA and WIFI at the same time) or would I have to add a external LORA module and disable the internal one (or similar)

Any help would be much appreciated



Hi, did you ever figure it out? I am researching on the same and would love to to know how it went

Maybe this will help…


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Hey I was able to get it working, Pete linked my post in another thread.

For some odd reason, importing the driver code for the LoRa chip (SX1262 in my case) was conflicting with connecting to Blynk. So what I did was wrote my code such that I confirmed I was connected to Blynk before importing the LoRa driver code and trying to establish the LoRa connection between ESP32 chips.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Also any chance you have a public git repository of the same ?I am just starting out in using the TTGO and your code will be very helpful as a guide.

I have not yet started fooling with setting up a GitHub but I do plan to do so eventually. When that day comes, I’ll start a thread here linking to it and making mention of some of the Blynk code I added. Hopefully it helps someone out. I got the driver code for the LoRa chip from someone’s GitHub so I want to be able to give back.

Thank you that would be really great.