BLYNK 2 Account problem on a new mobile

I have a blynk 2 account with a plan for 7 possible devices.
It works fine on the old phone but on the new one, after logging in (and logged out the old), a window appears “The promo period has ended you can choose a plan new”.
So I can see the design of the project but it is blocked and practically all the widgets need “upgrade”.
How to do?.
Please, I need your help!

During the promo period you had unlimited access to all features. Now that this has ended, you only have access to the basic widgets. To gain acccess to all widgets (the ones marked “Upgrade”) you’ll need to sign-up to at least the Plus plan.

I think that if you go to the web console and the billing section you’ll see the subscription choices available.


Thanks, Pete

I think another problem is happening.
On the web console billing section, I can see that I have 2 devices plan and 5 devices purchased. Total 7 devices.
It works perfectly on my old mobile but it does not work on the new one.
I need this to work on my new mobile just like this worked on my old mobile.
Possibly I am doing something wrong.

Any more ideas?.


Are you sure you’re logged-in with the correct credentials on your new mobile device?


Pete, the credentials are correct because I can see the project but some widgets are blocked. The not blocked widgets works well.

I think it is an administrative issue.

What type of plan does your web console say that you have?
Does the app billing screen say the same thing in both apps?

Have you tried logging-out of the Blynk app on your old mobile and back in again?


Pete, thanks for your help.

The Consola says:
You are using Free plan ( upgrade Now)
Users 1 of 5
Devices 1 of 7 (upgrade for add more )

The old phone app has not “billing” section
The new phone app says the same as the console.

Yes I have logging-out on the old mobile and logging-in the new one

I can logging-out and logging-in again to the old app and it works well

The old app version is 1.1.2
The new app version is 1.3.3

You need to upgrade the app version on the old phone.


I’m afraid that after the upgrade the old it won’t work in either of the two.
I got 5 devices in compensation for the purchase of “energy” in the old version of Blynk. If now I have to pay a plan then the compensation was not such…

On the free plan, you can use only “free widgets”. So you would need to replace the “paid” widgets with “free” widgets if you don’t want them to be blocked.

Thanks Dmitriy
Now everything is clear.