Blynk 2.0 promo code and question

Hello everyone. My factory use blynk 1.0 work for my customer for a long time .
Now i have to change to Blynk 2.0 , So i Plan to use the pro plan and upgrade device to 100 Devices.
I got news that old customers can get 50% discount so I searched in my email and spam but couldn’t find any discount code. Where can I get a discount if I want to upgrade?

and if i upgraded to pro plan I have some question about this.
1.How to transfer the old Blynk device to the new version Can this be done? Or i need to create new one.
2.Does the QR / barcode scaner on the newer Blynk work the same as on the older model?
3.I would like to know how many devices can be viewed at the same time? such as 1Work 1QRcode for many student in class can scan qrcode via their phone and view parameter at the same time.
4.Config Wifi in new Blynk that can be done by deleting device and adding new device via App Blynk can only use Use.Admin right

If you PM me with proof that you’re bought energy from Blynk then I’ll Reply with the promo code.


If you mean scanning a QR code of a cloned or shared project then no.

It sounds like you’re talking about users rather than devices. You should read the documentation about how organisations, sub-organisations, users and device ownership works in Blynk IoT.

I don’t really understand the question.
If you use the Edgent example sketch then devices can be added, and WiFi credentials can be provisioned via the app.
Otherwise, provisioning of WiFi credential in Blynk IoT is exactly the same as it was in Blynk Legacy.