Blynk 2.0: How to change user email adress

Why you want to change the Email adress ?
you add the new email adress and previous email just delete Thats it

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I can’t find any option field or other possibility to add a new email address to the existing user profile?
Could you please let me know where to go in order to follow the process you described.

I didn’t understand that suggestion either.


Email can’t be changed.

Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed if the account owner needs to change their email address?

What type of subscription do you have?


The FREE one.

You can delete the old account and send the invitation to the new user email address, just like the first time.

Hi I have the Blynk Plus plan and some users and devices active.
My old email address will only be active for some days, and then be disabled. I need to update the address to get mails from you with billing informations and so on… How to?

This appears to the official answer…


Okay, if that is their policies so ok. The email will not work anymore, so then they cannot reach me…

Hi, I have a Blynk plus account with 2 devices for private use to remotely control and logging my swimming pool equipment and water tank deposit , well and pump at my second home.
I am going to sell my second home and would like to transfer the ownership and billing of my admin account to the the new owner.
It seems impossible to chance the e-mail adress in the settings( Blynk 2.0)
My question how to transfer the system and templates in the app I developped to the new owner without completely rewrite templates and changing authentification keys in the devices.


I don’t believe that it’s possible.


Isn’t that odd?
Whenever somebody need to change his e-mail adress?
Is there way to copy templates?
I know I can give a user ownership of the device but then I still stay admin. No way to make user a admin?

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in my opinion, this is not only odd but unacceptable, email@ don’t have an eternal life.

How hard can it be to introduce an indirection between the user email@ and an internal key to the Blynk data.

I would be surprised if this has never been requested by their business customers (unless the PRO account already supports this). Companies change names all the time, they merge with other companies and change their email@ suffix in such cases.

Let us consider this request and discuss it internally.

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Is there change that Blynk will support the request to have the availability to make a change in the e-mail adress possible in the account soon ? The reason for asking is the change in pricing and limitations for the plus plan on the 16th of October . I need to transfer my account to other person. Otherwise I have to make a new account before that date.
Peter .

From what I understand, there are multiple ways you can work around the problem:

  1. Invite another user to your organization, assign admin rights to the new user, then remove your account from that organization.

  2. If you’re using an email provider that supports it (like GMail), you can create a new account with an email like Then use that email as usual to access your new account.

I would be happy if I could assign admin rights to the new user but it is not possible in the plus plan

Unfortunately we don’t have such a feature. But thanks for bringing it up. We will consider this for future improvement.