Blynk 2.0 delete templates from mobile app

I am a newbie to this but not to programming esp…
I am using a samsung A12 Blynk ver2.0 app and simply looking desperately to the “delete” template…Because I would like to have a fresh start…
Why it cannot be KeepItSimpleStupid.
Thanks for having empathy to my frust…

Have you deleted the template from the web console?


Thanks Pete,
Yes I did! In the Dashboard I see only those I am working with.
In the mobile App I can see “+Add Template” but there is no delete.
Even when I change the name of the Template, the mobile App shows the modification…

In the App, go into About and click Reload Account. Does that help?


There is no such possibility.

Okay, might only be available in iOS.

Have you tried closing the app and re-launching, or logging-out and back in again?


Yep, including uninstallation and reinstall…
At least it synchs…

Did you remove the template from the web dashboard?

Anyone figure this out? I have multiple “templates” on the app that I cannot get rid of. They are on the App only, not on the web console.

Sorry if I missed this somewhere else.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Forgot to mention this is on the Android App

So I take it that there is still no way to remove unused templates in the APP? Just a simple confirmation would be helpful.

There is actually a way to do that, but for now, this can do only super admin. We’ll see how we can extend this for the mobile.

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It is not super critical. In the process of learning the new platform, I created a few test templates, and also some by mistake (I am pretty sure I am not the only one). I would like to clean it up and remove the ones that are not being used.