Blynk 2.0 action log

Dear Blynk Team
inside the Action log it will posible to know exactly which user will on/off the light Example we are 5 preson in house we are 5members also using blynk 2.0 some on or off the light can we know exactly who will on/off the light i hope you will understand thanks

You are looking at the user’s log now. User is maaz shaik and actions log shows his actions.

If you need full actions log for a particular device, use Device View → Action Log tab.

There you will see when, who, and what they did using app, web or automation.

Isn’t it an amazing feature of 2.0?


Dear sir
thanks for prompt reply there in my cloud there is no “Action Log” option please help me
yes this future is Amazing but i cant find in my cloud

It’s a bug. We forgot to add permission to view this tab. We’ll enable it soon.

Dear sir
Thanks for prompt reply ok sir I am waiting for that really Amazing future please update ASAP I want to use for my business thank you
Once Done let me know here
Once again thank you sir