Blynk 1 to 2, unable to get online even with the examples

Is Blynk down ?
I realise v1 does not work but I am unable to get anything working in V2, even pasting the simple test code together with the supplied auth code, nothing works. ?

Have you pasted the three lines of Firmware Configuration code at the VERY TOP of your sketch, and compiled it using Blynk library version 1.x.x ?


Yes I added the 3 lines with the data that was given to me.

Has the blynk library changed from using the old blynk version to the new blynk 2.0 ?
Where do I find the library version ?

Edit, just found it, I’m using 0.6, I’ll update and try again :slight_smile:

at THE VERY TOP, missed that bit !

Also I was using Blynk.config(auth); in my old code which doesn’t connect in Blynk v2, tried Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass); like the examples and we are away, Thanks !

Well, you certainly need to be using library version 1.x.x as I said here…

If you have other Blynk libraries installed (0.6.x or Blynk for Chinese for example) then you need to ensure that the compiler is picking-up the right library.

You’ll get the most useful info from your serial monitor and by sharing your complete sketch.

If you share code or serial output text then don’t forget to use triple backticks at the beginning and end. Triple backticks look like this:


Thanks, see my post above which I just edited as you were writing

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