Blynk 0.4.0 problems with Particle Core - breathing green?

I recently updated my Particle Core with Blynk library version 0.4.0 and particle firmware version 0.6.0, but as soon as the main loop starts the Particle Core (formerly “Spark core”) loses connection to the cloud and enters a breathing green state. I have followed the full firmware update procedure for particle core and tinker runs fine, but as soon as I flash the basic Blynk app, it breathes green. My problem seems similar to this issue.

Are you aware of problems with Blynk library version 0.4.0 for the Core device?

Here’s the code:

#include "blynk/blynk.h"

char auth[] = "abcdef123etc";

void setup() {

void loop() {;

I downgraded to system firmware 0.5.3 and Blynk library version 0.3.10 and things are working. I’m not sure which of the two things are the problem because I changed two things at once.