hey blynkers, anything going on with bluetooth lately ? havent really heard anything on this .

Nothing much new… it still lounges around on the couch, eating cheese puffs and watching TV… It only has one job to do, and while it will work under the right circumstances, it is inconsistent and unreliable for long time stability. Why oh why can’t it behave more like it’s bigger brother WiFi? :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s new at your end?

:grinning: ha ha im just doing a lot of blynk projects, want to do some nice bluetooth creations. well I have plenty to tinker around with besides BT. guess we will just have to wait, im sure thier working on a lot of things.! thanks gunner for your prompt reply !

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Blynk 2.0 :partying_face:

You’ll probably find @Gunner hanging-out in the Node-Red forum nowadays, after he finally gave it a go and is now fully converted!


thanks pete !

You still can use MIT app inventor just like me.

thanks John (good name !) but I kinda just abandoned the whole bluetooth concept, think I’ll pick it up again sometime in the future if blynk resurrects it from the dead…:wink:

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May happen. A proper bluetooth support requires a good development effort, so our sales people trying to negotiate a white-label contract covering such effort.