Bluetooth connectivity with Arduino Uno

Im currently doing projects with arduino involving sensors attached to my bicycle , i would like to make bluetooth connectivity as there’s no wifi at outdoor.

An alternative might be an ESP8266 and use that in either AP or Station mode. You can create your own local wifi netwerk that way.

It’s probably better ranged than bluetooth anyway.

Blynk doesn’t work over Bluetooth yet. But we will add it soon

I am also really waiting for blynk to support the hc-05 connected to an arduino. I dont know if im allowed to post this (pls tell me if not) but may I recommend using ardudroid while you wait for blynk to release bluetooth support. It’s similar to the blynk app and works really well with hc-05. Its offcourse not customisable but for a prototype it does the job :slight_smile:

thanks , waiting for it :smiley:

yeah but it’s for education purpose , i have to use bluetooth for now :frowning:

Bluetooth support is on the way…

Any ETA on this? Waiting for this one.

Hey, we’re working on several things and according to the roadmap. BLE support will arrive in 1Q 2016.
There is already some support from HW side, but Mobile Apps need rather big changes.
Keep tuned!

BLE support is here (BETA). Please continue discussion in that topic.