Bluetooth Connection

Hello! When will be the BLE/Bluetooth connection will be implemented to the new Blynk 2.0?

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Hey there. it’s already implemented but still in beta.

Why I can’t see? Is it only available for now on iOS? Since im using Android. Thanks!

:hugs: I’m so sorry bro, Bluetooth is not implemented yet, I believe it will be released soon so be patient.


What makes you believe that.


Hello. No plans for Bluetooth for now. However, there are few clients in the pipeline that may pay for it. If that’s happening - will add it.

Count me in, I have commercial product hoping to released this coming December. Blynk is the proposed platform for the system, however Bluetooth is not available yet. I hope you would email me when it is already available. :hugs:

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@PeteKnight I’m so sorry it was just a guess, my bad. I will never do this again.

@jvrpapa05 you can build your own app and control anything using Bluetooth.
Try MIT app inventor.

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MIT App inventor was actually the first plan, however we want the Graphics to be like modern which we all know MIT App Inventor can’t provide. In addition we are planning to submit the application both in Play store (android) and App store (iOS)
Can you recommend an alternative to MIT App Inventor, which offers the same functionality of Blynk such as drag and drop? Thanks!

Try thunkable. It’s drag n drop.

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Really sad to discover that bluetooth was dropped when passing from v1 to v2.