Bluetooth ardroid mouse teenys LT

is the teenys LT going to be supported by this app I am going to be making a Bluetooth mouse with a teenys LT for disable people, it would be good if this can be used with this app as well it would make updates a bit easier

Hi, here is how our BLE strategy will look like:

  • only BLE devices at first
  • Bluz
  • Light Blue Bean
  • RedBearLab BLE shield
  • other BLE shields

After that we might consider adding old Bluetooth devices.

If we get enough requests for teensy, we’ll implement it earlier.

cool thanks it will be some time to it get`s finished

Hi, when is it gonna be possible to connect Blynk with the Red Bear Lab BLE shield?
Thanks for fast replying

Ps: i love Blynk, good job :wink: