Bluefruit LE UART iOS Arduino connection issues

Has anyone successfully connected Blynk on iOS with an arduino UNO (or equiv) and a Adafruit Bluefruit LE UART Friend?

I have been able to connect via Adafruit’s iOSapp and control some of the example scripts they provide, but I have yet to be able to connect to Blynk.

I guess I am still unsure which libraries I am to use, although I did find an example of someone using a combination of the Adafruit libraries and the BLEPeripheral library.

Anyone figure this out yet?

Additionally, in most of the examples or attempts I have seen while searching for an answer, code like this appears:

// define pins (varies per shield/board)
#define BLE_REQ 10
#define BLE_RDY 2
#define BLE_RST 9

How do BLE_REQ, BLE_RDY, and BLE_RST correlate functionally to the connections on the Bluefruit, which are:

AFAIK such setup wasn’t tested.
@vshymanskyy did you have a chance to play with Adafruit BLE boards lately?

No I haven’t. Adafruit is not willing to send us some boards )))

@vshymanskyy How many do you want? I’d be happy to provide for testing.