Blink.virtualWrite like printf(...)

Newbie question on Blynk.virtualWrite(…)

on many screenshots I’ve seen a decimal value followed by an unit string such as

 25.4 °C

In plain C I would use printf(…). How can I do it with Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, outdoorT) ?


You’d normally do it in the widget setup, rather than in code:

The degrees symbol is generated with a long press on the zero key of your mobile device.



thank you so much Pete!
There are so many hidden features to discover - one less now :wink:
Btw is there a way to use something like printf with Blynk.virtualWrite?

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Hi Pete,
thank you again. Now I understand terminal as a toway communication link.
Hop not disturbing you with may next question. Can I have a rolling text message with Blynk? Something like a ticker message as seen at the bottom on tv screens.

Thank you very much indeed!

I have no idea I’m afraid. There isn’t a widget that does it ‘out of the box’, but you might be able to simulate the effect in Terminal in advanced mode with some clever code. Sounds like a challenge for @Gunner, when he’s finished playing with his new toys :wink:


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