Blink 1 - Legacy

Hello, I was basically off blink for the last year or so… and for my surprise when logging in today I got the notification that:

  1. Basically I lost all my projects due to the old system is offline
  2. I lost the timeframe for requesting a discount???

I had basically 28,000 Energy Points on the old one, that could do pretty much anything, and they are gone? projects gone?

Never received a single email, never received a notification on my iPhone?

@vitormhenrique please don’t spam the community forum by posting the same thing in multiple topics.
I’ve deleted your duplicate post.

The Legacy system is not offline - yet. It will be taken down on 31st December (78 days time).
If your account is unavailable then that will probably be because it was idle and was the deleted for GDPR compliance reasons.

Have you checked your Spam folder?
Are you using the same email address that was originally used to sign-up to Blynk?

I guess that would happen if your account went idle and was deleted. Multiple notifications were sent to Legacy users with active accounts.


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Yeah. Accounts that are not active for 6 months automatically removed even with purchase done.

Sorry for spamming (sending a message twice) the forum.

I reactivated my old account.

How can I migrate my old projects?

Is it possible to get discount codes for my account?

Reading the documentation will be a good start.